1. Help I am not photogenic!

    I hear this with almost every family session! Don’t worry about it! (confession time: I feel the same way, which is why it’s so important to me when I have my family’s session done to choose a photographer I TRUST.) I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to make you look fabulous, and when you are having fun with your family, it will show in the images and you will look better than you can imagine!

  2. What if my kids don’t cooperate?

    As we all know, kids have their own personalities! I love getting to know my client’s kids and actually enjoy the challenge of an extremely spunky or shy child. I find that being easy-going translates to happy kids and it’s not uncommon for kids to be sad when the session is over! Sometimes I find it works best for me to move away from parents (within eyesight) so kids don’t feel the pressure of having mom and dad watch them.

  3. Can we do these pictures I saw on Pinterest?

    I love Pinterest as much as the next girl, but Pinterest is best used as an initial source of inspiration, rather than a checklist for your photographer. If we’re focused on recreating someone else’s photos, we won’t have time to capture the unique aspects of your family.

  4. Do I get to see every image you shot?

    I generally shoot about 10 times the number of images guaranteed in your gallery, and then I narrow it down to the best 40-50 images. That way you can be sure there are no blurry images or images with eyes closed etc. Since I shoot so rapidly, many of the images I cull out are exact duplicates of the ones you will see, and narrowing it down to the very best ensures that you won’t become overwhelmed with hundreds of images. I’ve been doing this a long time — you don’t have to worry that the PERFECT shot got edited out. 🙂

  5. Are digital images retouched?

    Yes! Every image you will see at your ordering appointment has had 90% of the editing already completed. After your order has been placed I will do final edits on every ordered image. (cloning a person out of the background or retouching skin etc.)

  6. Do digital images come included with the session?

    My specialty since I started my business over 16 years ago has been to create beautiful wall art and albums that will last generations. You can have peace of mind that any wall art you purchase is of the finest craftsmanship. However I know that digital files have become more and more popular over the last few years so I do offer digital collections that can be purchased after your session.

  7. How long does it take to get my products?

    Most products such as prints, canvases, greeting cards etc. will be ready for pickup in about 2 weeks from your order date, with the exception of custom frames, which take longer. Digital files will be delivered via download link within 48 hours of purchase. From your session date to final delivery, you can plan on about 4 weeks.

  8. Do you travel for sessions?

    Yes! I am a bit obsessive about finding the perfect location (and in our area of California there is so much opportunity for beautiful locations!) If the location is within about an hour of Stockton, I do not charge a travel fee. If the location is further there may be a travel fee to cover time , gas and wear on the car. I also occasionally travel for mini sessions (ie the beach or Tahoe) and am always open to suggestions!