About Angie

Photo Credit: Chubby Cheek Photography

Photo Credit: Chubby Cheek Photography

Hi I’m Angie!

Some useful, not so useful and random things to know about me:

I am a wife of 20 years and I met my amazing husband in college at Brigham Young University (and promptly dragged him back to California and out of the snow!) I have three kiddos — Kayla is 16 and a junior in high school (boo!!!), Kaden is 14 and a freshman, and Kynlee is 8 and in third grade. I love them to pieces and they are one of the reasons I started this photography journey over 16 years ago! One day they will appreciate all of the times I have made them be my guinea pigs (although that day has yet to come).

I love baking, hot chocolate, salads (not together), and our Friday night family movie nights!

We are an outdoorsy family and we love to go kayaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and camping (my husband is pretty much a gourmet dutch-oven chef!) We love going up to the mountains and don’t get to go nearly as often as we would like!

When it comes to photography, my passion is to capture the magic — the simple moments that happen between mom and her baby, dad and the toddler he’s tossing in the air, the fun and mischief between siblings and that little “something” in your child’s eyes that is uniquely them. That is what drew me to photography to begin with and it’s what I’ve loved doing for over 15 years!

Well, that’s a little about me! I can’t wait to get to know you better!